“Booking a 12 pack with Elz was one of the best decisions I made. For years I had continuously struggled with getting in the gym and general fitness, but with her support after just a couple of sessions I noticed a change. Not only in endurance, but in confidence and mindset.

Self doubt and lack of confidence was the norm so having Elz there to encourage and elevate me was beautiful experience. In addition to lost pounds and muscle gain, my body shape became contoured from these great sessions.

Elz is a lovely girl with amazing energy!! She is patient and understanding yet at the same time will challenge me and push my limits. I highly recommend you getting in touch – I bet you won’t regret it!” – Zak



“I first met Elz when she was teaching one of her Fatburn classes. I was instantly motivated and asked about PT sessions. She listened to my goals and our sessions were underway in no time. She kept workouts fun and kept me focused. I saw results quickly, physically and mentally. A year on and I’m still seeing results. She’s empowered me to take charge of achieving my personal goals. I would recommend Elz to anyone, you won’t be disappointed.” – Clare Baker