As I entered into the new year I entered bare faced. Why? I was just sick of hiding my real self with muck..(I kinda felt like I was lying to the world). My girl Alicia Keys (big fan big fan) goes makeup free and she has the whole world looking at her fine ass self! More importantly, I preach about loving yourself and your body – but yet I struggle to leave the house without my face on. Does that even make sense?


So my goal was to go makeup free for the whole of January…but now I’m going to make this a constant thing.

For my lifestyle makeup is such a hassle! I’m always in the gym getting my sweat on and if not I’m training a client so hard that I’m sweating with them! Thinking this would be hard its made my life so much easier. My skin can BREATH! No makeup for a couple of weeks and I can already see massive improvements in my skin! Your skin is your biggest organ, so take care of it!


 Your daily cleanser strips the natural oils on your face and your daily moisturiser puts it all back in with chemicals. Be aware of what you put on your face and try going for 100% natural and organic!

While I was loving my bare face I stumbled across Grace F Victory’s blog on being BARE FACED AND BEAUTIFUL and like her I’m going to make a list of what I love about myself bare faced and I encourage you to do the same!


I Love..

I love my eyes…they show every emotion I’m feeling.
I love my beauty spot under my lip…it adds character and reminds me of old school beauty.
I love my discolouration, scars and blemishes…it shows I’m not perfect too.
I love my eyelashes…I didn’t realise how long they were.
I love how my undereyes sink into my face…it shows I’m working hard trying to make big things happen.

I love me.

Makeup is fabulous, but it can also be a weapon. Use it to express yourself and enhance your beauty, not as a tool that you need to depend on to hide the things YOU think shouldn’t be there.

You are beautiful darlings.




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