Us women go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes. Changes throughout our whole lifetime to changes just on a monthly basis.

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) can effect how we look, behave and feel. Some symptoms can include:

Being a slight bitch.
Headaches, headaches and headaches!
Abdominal cramps equivalent to gun shots.
Boobs that feel like jugs.
Cravings for crap.
The bloat.
Back aches.
The “don’t touch me, peasant” mentality.

Here are some ways that these symptoms CAN be reduced!



HEALTHY DIET – Opting for the Ben and Jerry’s and Dunkin Donut is only going to make you hold in MORE water and feel MORE bloated. Eat veggies that have a high water content and are full of fibre to help keep things flowing. Also replace your simple carbs and refined sugars with complex carbs e.g. brown rice, quinoa and wholemeal bread. This will boost serotonin – the feel good hormone!

SUPPLEMENTSVitamin B6 and E can help reduce bloating and breast pain. Magnesium will help when feeling fatigue. Calcium will help elevate mood and reduce physical symptoms. Probiotics will help normalise oestrogen and hormone metabolism while aiding digestion!

EXERCISE – A little frequent aerobic exercise will release the feel-good endorphins that can help boost your mood, reduce the bloat and balance hormones. Get moving!

I once was the chic that started crying over no left over potato chips. The kinda girl that got into fights with their wardrobe when suddenly waking up looking 3 months pregnant.


Eating the right foods and exercising regularly while using beneficial supplements helped me reduce discomfort and stopped me form being an emotional cow.

Hope this helps!




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