I’m back to uni now and I have to figure out how I balanced work, clients, study time, lectures and a social life all over again…

Not gonna lie..kinda miss my early 6am starts in a sick freakish kinda way.

So, how do you become a morning person?

ALARM – This is your new best friend until you body clock figures out what the hell is going on. Heavy sleeper? Put your alarm on the other side of the room to force yourself to get out. Cruel, but efficient.

SWEET DREAMS – Get those 8 hours of sleep in! You do the maths and make sure you’re in bed with you’re eye mask on and not a minute later.

PACK THE NIGHT BEFORE – Organisation is key. The less you have to prep in the morning the more time you can stay in bed. So..pack your gym bag, meal prep, put your face on when you get on the train (real time saver) and TFL you journey (delays are a piss take).

MOVE YOUR BUM – It could be a 1 hour gym workout or just 10 minutes of yoga. Exercise in the morning really helps you get your shit together making you more alert and focused to successfully attack the day.

FOOD – Missing breakfast is a big no no and I frown on people who do. Break your 8+ hour fast with fuel thats going to get you up and going for the rest of the day.

FRIENDS THAT BUY YOU COFFEE – Make friends that surprise you with coffee and keep them close to your heart. If your friends are all tight arses like mine..keep them coppers safe.


The Early Bird EL.



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