img_20160828_123713.jpgMarketing these days is very cleaver. Anything that states ‘DETOX’ sells off the shelves instantly. Why?

Because ‘detox’ sounds sexy as hell.

People these days like taking the easy route – even if its not the healthiest. Not that I blame them..advertising makes surviving on a 14 day juice cleanse seductive AF.

Let me enlighten you.

YOU HAVE KIDNEYS. – Filters the blood and removes waste.
YOU HAVE A LIVER. – Produces enzymes that destroy toxins from our food, water and air.
YOU HAVE INTESTINES. – Produces natural antibiotics to break down toxins.
YOU HAVE LUNGS. -Expels toxins we inhale.
YOU HAVE SKIN. – Expels toxins though sweat.
YOU HAVE A LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. – Contains white blood cells that picks up toxins from cells and destroys them.

The shit you buy is a waste of money.

Your body is so amazing all on its own and detoxifies the crap you put in it all by itself.

What you CAN do however is…

EAT HEALTHILY = This will improve all the processes above and put less stress on each organ and transport system allowing them to work more efficiently!

EXERCISE = Help get your organs going so they can work at their optimum and move more to increase circulation of blood and lymph. Sweat out those toxins more frequently and reduce fatty cells where the toxins are all stored!

You don’t need to sip on a skinny tea for 7 days.

Just exercise more and eat food that doesn’t come out of a box.


The Straight To The Point El.



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