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HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the best type of cardio you can do if..

–  You have a life and don’t have time to do hours of steady state cardio
– You want to increase your stamina
– You are like me and have a short attention span/ get bored easily
– You want to burn fat and continue burning throughout the day
– You hate cardio as much as me

HIIT is meant to be hard and most people don’t like doing things that are hard. When we realise we suck at the hard things in life we tend to only do them once or twice. This makes us even more sucky at them.

Well heres how to become completely bomb AF at HIIT…

Something I always say to my clients..

“Do what you hate everyday until you love it.”

Thats the secret.

No one is born GREAT at something. You have to PRACTICE to become GOOD. And you have to PRACTICE CONSISTENTLY to become GREAT.

So the only way you’re gonna be a bit better than yesterday is if you PRACTICE!!

Which requires DISCIPLINE.

However, at the end of the day the impressive thing is not doing a task pretty well, its the CONSTANT CRAFTING you continue to purse over and over again

THIS is what develops the desired characteristics to be successful at anything!


In conclusion, you want to be good at something? You’re gonna have to work hard for it.

Before you know it, its just one less thing you suck at.









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