Why you should NOT avoid negative people.

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Once upon a time ago I was a sensitive soul. A bit of a melt if you ask me.

Yes, I was the chic that delved into those self help books (and still do) and listened when they said to avoid negative people in your life. The books that preached about spending your time around “like minded people” and all that mushy BS.

But maybe its not the people that trigger you off thats the problem…

Maybe it’s YOU thats the problem.

People these days will give you their opinion even when you didn’t ask for it.

So, instead of avoiding your loved ones and family members because they push your buttons, focus on yourself and the source of the problem.


Avoiding people because they upset you is pretty weak in my opinion. Instead why not CONFRONT the problem, because you can’t avoid shit forever.

This can be the same for any scenario in life..Avoid studying for finals and you’ll probably fail. Avoid sticking to your diet and you’ll most likely not reach your goal. Avoid doing something you fear and you’ll always be afraid.

“Avoid problems, and you’ll never be the one who overcame them.” – Richard Bach

Putting it more simply in the words of Jeremy Kyle “grow a pair” because life is TOO short to spend it avoiding people and being angry. 

Good Luck,

The Brutally Honest El.



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