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Sometimes you will have good days and bad days, just like sometimes you’ll have good workouts and bad workouts. However, what if I told you that you can always have a killer workout no matter what the circumstances – increasing your chances of more successful gains?

USE YOUR EMOTION – Not everyday is going to be sunshines and rainbows, but don’t let negative feelings effect your workout. When angry or sad use this emotion in a positive way and channel this energy into your workout. Trust me, I’ve hit a lot of PR’s when my brother happens to eats the last cupcake (I get slightly furious every time).

DRESS RIGHT – Wearing clothing thats appropriate and comfortable is key! The last thing you want is to be wearing leggings that are NOT squat proof on a leg day. Looking good won’t hurt either. When you catch your gains in the mirror it might just help you get through that last set.

FUEL UP – Make sure you eat!! Depending on what training you’re doing this can vary. If you are going for a 30 min run in the morning a banana and glass of water will do. If you’re doing some heavy compound lifts go for a small meal 1-2 hours before – preferably carbs. Either way make sure you have enough energy in order to have a killer workout start to finish.

DROP THE BEAT – I can’t think of anything worse than having to workout with no music. Find a track that gets you pumped, turn the volume all the way up and off you go!

PSYCH YOURSELF UP – While you’re warming up give yourself a pep talk! Remind yourself of what you want to achieve during this workout and motivate yourself. Focus on the now and clear your mind. This is YOU time!

Using ALL these methods will help prepare you for a killer workout every time you step into the gym.

More successful workouts = More successful gains.





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