Confidence is like a muscle. In order to grow a bigger butt you need to:

– Lift heavy weights that are CHALLENGING
– Provide a progressive overload OVER TIME
– Be CONSISTENT and patient

Developing confidence is very similar to developing an arse. In order for it to grow, you must PUSH YOURSELF outside your comfort zone, break down FEARS, keep PUSHING and learn to LOVE YOURSELF.

If anyone knew me a few years back and saw me now, they would think I’m a different person today. Let me give you little background…

– I was always the sweaty nervous kid.
– I found it hard to make friends.
– I never liked the lime light on me.
– I was very shy and self-conscious.
– I would get embarrassed over anything and everything!

How did I TRIPLE my confidence and become the person I am today?!



FIND YOUR PURPOSE – By discovering what you love and specialising in it, you can become really amazing at something. Find that ‘thing’ that makes you excited to wake up in the morning. When you find your purpose and what you love you invest all your energy in it and develop a confidence, because you know what you want and where you want a be.

FEEL FLEEKY – Be on fleek. Wear that fitted dress, get your nails done every two weeks, wear those sunglasses indoors, smile lots and laugh loud. What ever makes YOU feel good do it! If you feel confident, you will act confident.

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.”
Helen Keller

POSITIVE THOUGHTS – Be careful with your self talk. It’s crucial that you NEVER compare and talk badly about yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and has different skills and talents. Share your abilities and learn form others. Own what you’ve got and embrace it! BIG YOURSELF UP!

EDUCATE YOURSELF – Be confident in what you know. This could be knowledge in makeup or knowledge in politics. If you know what you know in true depth then you should be able to debate about it for hours. This knowledge gives you the confidence in being able to speak your mind and to give your opinion to anyone.


GET COMFORTABLE WITH UNCOMFORTABLE – Just jump in to the deep end. Its through taking risks regularly that will cause your comfort zone to expand. FEAR murders OPPORTUNITIES from you, so learn to say yes and do something small everyday to lead you into something big. Get into this habit and you will discover more about yourself and your capabilities that you never new you had.

I am now in a profession that requires ME to give OTHERS confidence – physically and mentally. I love being a personal trainer and seeing the positive changes people develop over time with just a little nudge from me.

Confidence is SO important because it determines how much you achieve in your life and your overall happiness. Everyone deserves to have all the possibilities they desire and all the happiness in the world. It may take time, but if you are saying to yourself “I want to have more self-confidence” then you are already well on you way.






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