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Metabolism is the amount of calories your body burns in one day. This can be determined by age, activity levels, gender, muscle to fat ratio and food intake.

So for those of you who use the common excuse of blaming your weight on your metabolism here are six easy ways on how you can increase it!

EAT SMALL AND REGULAR – Eating several SMALL meals throughout the day every 3 TO 4 HOURS helps keep your metabolism up, making you burn more calories over time. Think of your body as a motor, for that motor to run you need to constantly add fuel otherwise it will stop working. Starving yourself and going on a quick fix diet or a silly juice cleanse,will do you more harm than good. Your body will hold on to that next bite you eat for a lot longer and convert it to fat to store for energy that its not getting on a regular basis, increasing the risk of weight gain. So, you’re better off eating that muffin!

DRINK GREEN TEA OR COFFEE – As well as giving you a little pick me up caffeine also increases your metabolism slightly, especially when doing exercise. The best options you can go for is green tea or black coffee – low in calories and increases energy. WINNING.

WEIGHT TRAINING – When lifting weights your body burns calories even when you stop lifting. This is because your body is still recovering after your workout by repairing muscle fibres to make them bigger and stronger. 1 pound of muscle burns roughly 6-10 calories while 1 pound of fat only burn 2-3. Having a higher muscle mass percentage will help you burn MORE calories at REST as well as a more tight and toned appearance. So start lifting!

HIIT – High intensity interval training will help rev up your metabolism for a few hours in the day. Incorporate cardio that is INTENSE throughout your week to help stimulate a higher metabolic rate. HIIT training should only last around 10-20 minutes long maximum. Short and sweet!

EAT PROTEIN – Protein is harder to digest than carbohydrates and fats, it has a great thermogenic effect. Therefore, your body requires more energy to break down and digest. CALORIES = ENERGY. More energy used more calories burnt. In other words, don’t get the veggie burger.

SPICE IT UP – Ladies, start carrying Tobasco in your handbags because studies suggest that spice increases your metabolism up to 2 hours after consuming. Hot sauce causes your tongue to tingle and maybe even cause a coughing fit, these effects RAISE your body temperature and metabolism for a short period of time. So if limited on purse space, forget the lipstick.

Use these simple tips to help increase your metabolism and push you towards your fitness goals quicker!





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