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This has to be my most frequent asked question. So enough chit chat, here are my three top tips for building a backside!

CALORIE SURPLUS – If you want any muscle to grow you need to be in a calorie surplus when weight training. A calorie surplus is going to provide you with more energy. The main priority for the human body is not to build increasing muscle, it is to live. Your body is using most of its energy for bodily functions, such as, respiration, movement, digestion, excretion, metabolism and the list goes on. The body is so amazing and has a a million jobs to do for our survival alone! Fuel your body with more nutrients and goodness to allow your body to repair and build muscle fibres to allow growth. FEED THE GAINS.

WEIGHT TRAINING – To stimulate muscle growth you need to break muscle fibres and allow them to grow back bigger and stronger. Therefore you need to apply DIRECT HYPERTROPHY WORK on your glutes which means staying around the 8-12 rep range. With that in mind stick to your compound movements – squats, deadlifts, glutebridges and lunges! If you’re new to weight training make sure you get help from a personal trainer to make sure you have correct form to avoid injury and to get the most out each exercise.

PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD – If you’ve been trained by me you’ll know how much I use the term ‘progressive overload’. I will always push clients to their max upping the weight whenever possible until I get that ‘don’t, don’t you dare do it!’ stare. It’s not because I’m evil it’s because when you expose your body to a sufficient stimulus, it adapts and becomes more efficient. Therefore, by providing a PROGRESSIVE GREATER STIMULUS you will shock your body every time and stimulate growth even further. Progressive overload does not always have to be an increase in weight, it can an be increase in – reps, sets, frequency, number of exercises, intensity or a decrease in rest time.

I hope I’ve helped in some way to help you transform your backside!


Good Luck!

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