Ever nearly accidentally killed someone with a nut allergy??
If guilty please keep reading!

1. Blend 140g of pitted dates in a processor and then add 100g of oats.
2. Add 40g of honey, 40g of dried cranberries and 60g of dark chocolate. Then a splash of vanilla extract and a spoonful of cinnamon.
3. Spoon together and add a drop of water until everything binds together. Pour into a greaseproof tin and use your hands to press the mixture down till its 1cm thick (the mixture doesn’t have to reach the sides of the tin)
4. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 270 degrees Celsius. Carefully take out the over and leave to cool.

Cut into equal squares and you should get something that looks a little like this..


Makes roughly 10 squares!

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