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We all get frustrated at times, its natural. Some people lash out, others may hide under a rock. If you are like me I like to repetitively whine for a few hours (or days) until I’m bored of the situation. However, is this behaviour going to achieve anything positive? Is this the most productive way of using your energy and time? No.
I am not saying being angry is a waste of energy, because anger is one of the most important emotions we feel. I am saying using anger in a positive way will be way more beneficial than sulking in the corner for 2 hours.
Instead of letting your emotions take control of you, take control of your emotions and use this anger as extra fuel to help boost you in the right direction.
Revolution in history came about through people putting up with TOO much and when circumstances became TOO bad.
Rosa Parks for example…enough was enough and she became TOO tired of giving in because of the colour of her skin, as well as, Martin Luther King… he became TOO exhausted over the lack of freedom and equality in society at the time.
It is exactly this build up of negativity, frustration and anger that has caused a change in history for the better! This valuable emotion can be the driving force to get you to do things that are extremely difficult to achieve.


Use this anger to drive you and to motivate you.
Channel your emotions in a positive way.
Use the things that fire you up to make a change.
Use this powerful energy and channel it into a constructive goal.


You can either bottle your emotions and become depressed or you can speak up and act to change the circumstances for the better.

So when you are next feeling frustrated or angry why not..

– head to the gym and have a KILLA workout?
– listen to some music and go for a run to clear your mind?
– speak up about the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again?
– use it to fuel some sort of change?
– use it as motivation to be better and stronger?

Use your ANGER to make you SUCCESSFUL.





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